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Yoga for Life

Yoga can be said to be the most effective tool to mend your body, mind and emotions to live your life to the fullest! It is tool to bring about mind body union, a coherence which eases and enriches your play of life
With the application of right kind of Yogic methods, you can remain healthy throughout your life and maintain your spirits high.
Not necessarily. But being a Vegan has its great plus points. Vegetarian diet puts lesser load on your inner organs and hence less energy is used by your body towards metabolism.
Not at all. You must give at least two to three hours gap after you had meal. After a hearty meal give at least four hours gap. Doing any activity after a meal is an extra burden to your heart.
Practice of celibacy is a personal choice. Normally it is practiced in the yogic tradition when one is aiming at higher levels of achievements like self-realization. Such austerities are to avoid distraction and keep up life energies focused on the main goal.
When practicing yoga listen to your body carefully, be observant and discuss with your teacher, the important things that you observed or noticed.
Yes, when therapeutically applied, Yoga has enormous capability to repair the body, recharge the immune system and prepare the body to take care of itself.
Patanjali yoga along with vinayasa, power yoga as add-ons is generally taught at Nithya Sanjeevini Yoga Pratishtana classes.
Generally, from the year three of the child yoga can be started. There is no upper age limit.
If you have a good yoga mat which will not slide easily and has a good grip, that is all that is needed to practice yoga. All the probes and equipment that you see/hear are just add-ons.
Generally, menstruation period is a vulnerable period for the body. Hence you cannot practice regular yoga during menstrual period. During this period, you may do mild yoga without invert positions and strong twists. Pranayama proves to be of very high value.
Therapeutically Yoga can be a boon to the diseased. But you have to consult a yoga therapist to know which kind yogic method is suitable to your health condition.
Definitely yes provided, you are regular in practicing and do not bunk the classes. As far as regularity is concerned you are on your own when you are attending online classes. With Dr Latashekhar's online classes it is the most convenient and a wonderful way to start your yoga practice. You can work from the convenience of practicing from wherever you are and is also very enjoyable and enriching if your family members are also involved in practicing with you.
Yoga is the best way to tackle the problems of obesity. With the regular practice of yoga you can make yourself more active, energetic, lose weight, have a healthier and more comfortable living. You can also avoid many problems that obesity can pose. Against obesity Yoga is the sure bet!
You must know that you are what your body lets you be. You must take care of your body to live your life to the fullest. Hence, you have to dedicate some time every day to the practice of yoga to take good care of your body. It is not consuming time but investing.
Youth need yoga more than anybody to prolong their youthfulness, maintain their energy levels and stay focused. It is their unbridled energy that is a cause of serious concern. Yoga can bring on a balance and much needed focus of their overflowing energy.
In Bhagavadgita Lord Shri Krishna says "Abhyasa Yogena Thatho Maamicchaptum Dhananjaya" meaning the practice helps you accomplish. Take little steps at a time and be regular, the progress is inevitable
Yes, Choose a quiet and peaceful environment. Practice barefoot, remove wrist watch and jewelry, tie up long hair, wear a comfortable, flexible clothing. Do not skip warm-up exercises before asanas. Start at the level suitable to you. Do not force yourself into tough postures. Go at an easy pace. Follow the instructor's guidance properly

Yoga is Life

Dr Lathashekhar's Yoga teachings are more therapeutically inclined. Individual requirements along with general requirements for healthier living are carefully amalgamated to bring in a quicker result and better individual response.
It is not the quantity but the quality that matters. But regular practice of Yoga will give a definite result. Practicing at least 4-5 days a week is ideal as a routine. But you must attend to the quality of your practice.
Yoga is a holistic healing method. It is not aimed at body building, but it is meant to enhance your life energies to give a more fulfilling life experience. It definitely gives proper shape, flexibility to your body but it is not meant to build muscle mass. Yoga is more of healing tool for a lifelong nurturing of your body.
Not necessarily. Please note that sometimes it becomes more important to know nothing before you start a program of learning. Unlearning what is already learnt may also prove to be a very effective learning strategy. When you take up a course follow the instructions properly to experience the best out of them.
With your body as the sole necessity for the practice of Yoga you may need the following as add-ons to continue practicing the same. Dedication-to have perseverance in practice of yoga, Belief in yogic system-to keep you in the practice of Yoga, An attitude of gratitude-to keep your nervous system naturally calm, Humbleness enough-to listen to the instructor.
None if practiced under guidance from a good yoga instructor and the instructions followed properly.
No. Yoga is more of a preventive technique. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure we have Yogic system to take care of that.
Dr Lathashekhar conducts classes and gives therapeutic consultations at the Nithya Sanjeevini Yoga Pratishtana, RR Nagar, Bengaluru and Amritha Yoga Kendra, Girinagar, Bengaluru.
Yes, if you are proficient with basic yoga techniques. The ideal way to start the practice is by enrolling yourself to daily yoga classes online or physically attend Dr Lathashekhar's daily yoga classes. The advanced yoga needs a little bit of practice to prepare, else you may not enjoy practicing advanced yoga.
Anytime of the day where your stomach is empty, you have no distractions and when you do not have to hurry. Involvement is of utmost importance in yoga practice.
Yes. Very much advisable especially during the first few months of pregnancy as yoga prepares your body for a very good pregnancy. But again, take proper guidance from a good yoga therapist/instructor before doing yoga during pregnancy.
It is very important to get a good Yoga instructor. Yoga Instructor should take care of your needs and should be able to customize yoga regimen to suit your needs. Ask your friends, dear ones, near ones, trusted ones who have attended the yoga classes before or attend the Yoga class and if you have experienced the sense of well being within a couple of weeks of attending the classes, you have the answer.
Yoga is not a religion. It is the most scientific holistic tool to human well-being. Yoga can be practiced by people of any religion without interference. The mantras used in yogic practice of sound vibrations which are scientifically proved enhance your capabilities at the physical as well as mental sphere. You do not have to believe in anything, any god, any superhuman being to practice yoga. Believe in yourself and you will get it.
Colors have influence on your body, life energies and on the meridian channels of your body. Hence, wearing pleasant colored dress is always advisable. Better avoid multicolored gaudy dresses.
No. Ideal dress is that which is comfortable, flexible and that which makes your body movements comfortable.
Children will be going through the formative state of their life. It is like the foundation laying on which their whole life is built. With a strong foundation, they can look forward to having a great life. Yoga plays a vital role in making such a foundation very strong and robust.
Ideally it is about half an hour after yoga you can eat.
All types of Yoga are beneficial in some way or the other. More than what type of yoga, you must bother about choosing the right instructor. The right yoga instructor knows what the best for you is.

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