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Slow Down Your Ageing...

What is your age…? Are you feeling aged? Can you live like you lived when you are young? We have a great many tools to get you into that flow and a way out for you to live that dream life of your younger self. Yes…your younger self. It is too much to miss that!

For the ease of working it out from where you are, when you want to take care of yourself, here are a great range of Yoga Courses, Therapeutic Instructions, Daily Yoga classes from Dr Lathashekhar which are very popular, very effective and are simply made to meet all that YOU need to stay HEALTHY!

Yoganidhi Dr Lathashekhar

A Yoga Therapist, Cosmic Healer and a renowned Yoga Guru Yoganidhi Dr Lathashekhar has been healing people through her popular and extremely result oriented Yoga Therapy and Cosmic Healing Techniques. She has treated thousands of cases of Chronic illnesses like Diabetes, BP, Back pain, Arthritis, Auto Immune Disorders, PCOD, Women related problems, Depression, Stress, Memory problems in Children, Age related problems etc.

Aryabhata International Awardee Yoganidhi Dr Lathashekhar has started her yoga carrier at the age of 29 and with an average of 4 hours per day of rigorous and continuous Yoga practice she could master the art of Yoga. Qualified with BAMS, MSc (Yoga), BNat, Pranic healing, Reiki (II Degree)  she has gained her renowned name as a one of the most accomplished Yoga Instructors. She has won several awards for her exemplary achievement in Treating through yogic and natural methods and Training Yogic living.

She has 2 decades of very rich and successful experience in treating people through Yoga Therapy and has a great reputation for her success through natural means.

Most PowerfulCosmic Energy Healing to Revive Your self healing strength!

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    Dr Lathashekhar

    Mahila Sadhakiyaru Special Jury Award

    Dr Lathashekhar

    Nithya Sanjeevini Yoga Prathishtana

    Dr Lathashekhar

    Aryabhata Award

    Dr Lathashekhar

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    Dr Lathashekhar

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    Cosmic Healing

    Wonderful experience ! Heartfelt Thanks to our Great Teacher and all other staff who were loving , caring and assisted us to experience and understand our own inner organs which are vital for our existence itself . – Ranjitha

    Thanks a lot mam very good experience God bless you mam and thanks to all staffs – Sumalatha

    Thanks a lot for you and your team.It was an wonderful experience. Thank God for making me come in contact with such a cool smiling Guru – Giridhar

    It was an wonderful experience. Thank you so much madam.Your smile also energy booster to us. Thanks to all your kind hearted staff members – Vasudeva

    Thank you so much .it was very useful session and good experience – Jnanakshi



    Hi good morning Latha ma’am this is Lalitha one of your patients who had complaints about endometrium thickness and irregular periods
    I have a good news to share ma’am I’m conceiving this month I got positive in my pregnancy test yesterday it is because of u ma’am thank u so much…
    Hope this time I have a healthy pregnancy.



    I was suffering from severe joint pain because of viral arthritis. I have attended therapy session conducted by Dr Lathashekhar and started following her instructions. After doing pranayama and regular exercises taught by her I have recovered. Thanks to yoga and yoga teacher Lathashekhar
    Girinagar, Bangalore.


    Srinivas S

    I had lower back pain due to long daily traveling to my office. I had taken physiotherapy sessions for the same but the problem was recurring. I also had sinusitis.
    After 4-5 months of Yoga practice at Amritha Yoga Kendra under the guidance of Dr Lathashekhar I have developed good strength in my lower back. The pain is relieved. The problem has not recurred again. My sinusitis problem also came under control. More importantly my general health improved and I gained very good stamina. Thanks to Dr Lathashekhar.

    -Srinivas S
    Girinagar, Bangalore

    Dr Chatra

    Dr Ramakrishna Chatra

    I was diagnosed with constriction of the arteries due to calcification and valve weakness. I had bouts of exhaustion and had difficulty doing my regular work. When I had presented myself to the cardiologist at Mangalore, they suggested an immediate operation to avoid the impending danger.
    I had also consulted a reputed cardiologist in Jayadeva Hospital and fortunately they had given me confidence that I can prolong surgery for quite some time.
    As I was against going for heart surgery & because of the confidence given by the cardiologist at Jayadeva Hospital, Bangalore, I decided to try the alternative system of healing. Dr Lathashekhar who is my wife’s younger sister had suggested doing a combination of Pranayama & mudras.
    After about 3-4 months of regular practice of the techniques she had taught me I started feeling very much better and now I am not feeling the exhaustion and strain that I used to feel so very often. I am not experiencing the occasional pain in the left side which used to bother me very much earlier.
    I am very proud of her achievements and I thank her for her valuable suggestions in keeping up my health.
    Her present book Yogasanjeevini has really come out very well and I wish her all the success in her future works. I also pray god that she will be able to heal more and more people in the days to come.

    Dr Ramakrishna Chatra
    Chatur Medicals
    Hosanagara Tq, Nittur

    Lakshmi KH

    KH Lakshmi

    I was becoming fat day by day and hence I resorted to low calorie diet. But my weight did not reduce. I had to consult a doctor and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My TSH reading was 9.46 much above the normal limits! The doctor had prescribed medicines for me. I was not willing to take medicines and hence I consulted Dr Lathashekhar for alternative treatment. She had prescribed a regimen of Yoga, Pranayama and promised me that TSH reading will come down within a month. She had prescribed massaging around the neck, mudras (Shankha, Sahaja and Pruthvi mudras) and several specific asanas. After one month of this regimen I had the levels checked and to my surprise my TSH level had come down to as much as 2.99! I am not taking any medicines and I am fit and fine now thanks to Dr Lathashekhar.


    Prashanth S K

    Srinivas Nagar, Bangalore

    “ Before starting the yoga class I used to have back pain in the early morning. I also had pain in my upper back while sleeping. After doing Yogasanas under the guidance of Dr Lathashekhar, my lower back pain has reduced. I am also getting better sleep in the night. 90% of back pain has reduced without taking any medicines. I wish Dr Lathashekhar all the best for her book Yogasanjeevini and I also thank her for her valuable instructions and Yoga teachings which relieved my back pain. ”

    At Nithya Sanjeevini Yoga Prathishtana we offer a wide range of yogic methods for healing. Subscribe now and receive information on daily classes, Yoga Therapy, Acupressure Therapy, Mudra Therapy, Yogic Diet, weekend classes and more..!