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Dr Lathashekhar is a staunch proponent of Yoga who believes, practices & preaches Yoga for healthier living without medicine. She has treated number of very difficult cases through Yoga with great success. She has won several International, National & State Level Yoga Competitions. She has been awarded with Yoganidhi, Yogarathna, Yogakalasiri, Yogapraveene, Mudrapraveene and many more. She has been awarded Aryabhata International Award for contribution to Yoga.

Yoganidhi Dr Lathashekhar
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Home profile classes Yogatherapy Mudra
Nithya Sanjeevini Yoga, Your daily dose of Life…! At Mudra Sanjeevini book release function

Your health is in your fingertips. Lathashekhar has taught us that by locking your fingers in a particular combination, you can observe positive change in your health.  I practice mudra at least for 15 – 20 minutes daily. I have observed a very good result from that.  For example, if I am feeling very weak and whenever I need energy and encouragement I will apply Pruthvi Mudra for 7 -10 minutes. It has instantly brought a positive change in me. To enhance energy, you do not have to buy energizers or chemical simulants from the shop. I myself have experienced the effect of mudra in relieving body pain and joint pains. If you apply Vayu Mudra for 10- 15 minutes, you can get rid of the day to day trouble from body pains. You can apply mudras any time of the day even if you are doing some job. Learn yoga mudras from the instructors and live a healthier life. I congratulate Lathashekhar for writing “Mudra Sanjeevini” which is a very nice treatise on Mudras.



 am proud to say that I was Lathashekhar's first student to have started learning yoga at Amritha Yoga Kendra. As I had back pain I thought I will never be able to do yoga. But due to her teachings on yoga, pranayama and mudras my years’ old back pain was completely relieved! Excess fat around the abdomen reduced and my health improved. Now I can do sarvangasana, suryanamaskara, halasana etc. which was very difficult for me initially. I am grateful to Lathashekhar for her wonderful teaching methods.

-Jayaramanatha Hegde

Girinagar, Bangalore

ince beginning I had a great desire to learn mudra and pranayama. But for the lack of efficient teachers I had not been to any yoga classes.

Due to the modern lifestyle I have developed thyroid problems. I started gaining weight due to this. I had gained 83 kgs in a very short time. At this juncture I learnt from my friends about Dr Lathashekhar and her popular teaching methods. I joined her classes and started doing yoga as per her instructions.

I have also attended therapy classes which she conducts once  a week. As per her instructions I have started yoga, mudra and followed diet as per her advise. This has resulted in decrease of TSH value from 8.36 to 1.29 in just two months! I could manage to reduce 8 kgs in two months.

Now my T4 and T3 levels have become normal. I have stopped taking medicines. My weight now has reduced by whopping 17 kgs in just 6 months. I am strictly following all the directions given by Dr Lathashekhar. I convey my regards to her and I am grateful to her for all the help she has rendered me. I wish God will bless her in her noble work of treating people and bringing back their lost happiness.

-Sumitra MG

Girinagar, Bangalore

I have been attending Yoga classes of Dr Lathashekhar at Amrith Yoga Kendra since 2 years. My energy level has increased substantially. I have asthma and due to practice of yoga and pranayama there is improvement in my allergy related problems. My asthma has come down significantly. Furthermore, there is improvement in my body flexibility.  Also my concentration has positively improved due to meditation sessions. Dr Latha’s teachings on Mudras have been very useful in keeping up my health. Overall her classes are really  joyful and beneficial sessions.

-Rupali Kulkarani


I had blood pressure and sugar problems. I was taking insulin and my BP was 160 plus. I came to know about Dr Lathashekhar’s Yoga classes and I took yoga lessons from her and now my BP has come down to 120-130. My sugar levels are also under control. My stamina has improved.

I learnt Yoga, Mudra and Pranayama from Dr Lathashekhar. I thank her for the very informative lessons. I also wish her book a great success.

-Mohan MB

Kempegowda Layout, Bangalore

Before starting the yoga class I used to have back pain in the early morning. I also had pain in my upper back while sleeping. After doing Yogasanas under the guidance of Dr Lathashekhar, my lower back pain has reduced. I am also getting better sleep in the night. 90% of back pain has reduced without taking any medicines. I wish Dr Lathashekhar all the best for her book Yogasanjeevini and I also thank her for her valuable instructions and Yoga teachings which relieved my back pain.

-Prashanth S K

Srinivas Nagar, Bangalore

When a person is relieved his or her happiness comes back to you as a blessing Dr Lathashekhar