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Dr Lathashekhar is a staunch proponent of Yoga who believes, practices & preaches Yoga for healthier living without medicine. She has treated number of very difficult cases through Yoga with great success. She has won several International, National & State Level Yoga Competitions. She has been awarded with Yoganidhi, Yogarathna, Yogakalasiri, Yogapraveene, Mudrapraveene and many more. She has been awarded Aryabhata International Award for contribution to Yoga.

Yoganidhi Dr Lathashekhar
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Nithya Sanjeevini Yoga, Your daily dose of Life…!

Dr Lathashekhar at the Mudra Sanjeevini book release function. His holiness Shri Siddhaganga swamiji, Sri Sheelasampadana Mutt. Gonipete, Bhadravati released the book.

Introduction to Mudras …The true drugless therapy system

Yogapraveene Dr Lathashekhar through her in depth understanding of Therapeutic Yoga, information related to mudras and the secrets of healthy living, has explained in a simple language to reach even the lay reader. Her book “Mudra Sanjeevini” has gained immense popularity in a very short span of time. Now it has come out with more information in this second edition. Readers shall benefit from the valuable secrets of health provided here.


Chief Executive Officer

Sapna Book House

This Mudra Sanjeevini is like a Sanjeevini in bringing health. Her effort is commendable. It has become popular in a very short time.

-Ramachandra Rao

Branch Manager, Navakarnataka Publications

Smt Lathashekhar, is a truly  dedicated  Yoga Sadhaki, Yoga instructor, Yoga Therapist. As a proponent of yoga & a yoga enthusiast, she is excellent in competitions, teaching and writing as well. Yoga is the reason for her tireless, fluent words and unshakeable attitude. People have the benefit of understanding yoga and therapeutics through her TV programs and her books.

-M Jayaram Adiga

Senior Journalist

Director, Madhyama Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore

This book is a great service done to the mankind by Lathashekhar by propagating the importance of mudras. Though I like the explanation of all mudras, Gayatri mudras and their importance has attracted me more. I whole heartedly appreciate the sincere effort put in by her to bring out such a wonderful work on healing through mudras. I hope it will help the mankind and everybody will be immensely benefitted by this book. I wish her all the best.

-KS Suresh Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Sri Sankara TV, Kamadhenu Telefilms Pvt Ltd.

Readers said….

Mudra means seal. We block the outgoing electromagnetic energy or pranic energy and redirect them to flow through our body to rectify inner disturbances. This is the extraordinary science of Mudra Therapy. Each mudra practice presses the corresponding energy centers, thereby activating the respective organs linked to them. This will help the organs function better preventing the diseases from occurring. Here is a tip to give you a simple understanding on mudra. The five fingers in our hand represent the five elements our body is made up of. If you combine the thumb finger which represent fire element with other fingers the change in the flow of five elements take place.  

Read  Mudra Sanjeevini  for an extensive treatise on Mudras

Several researches have proved the significance of cosmic energy and its existence as pranic movement in our body. It is also known that the cosmic energy has direct influence on human health.  Mudras control the same energy to induce beneficial effects on our health. Before doing mudras we should rub our palms (chafing) for two minutes. This activates nerve endings in our hands so the effect of mudras will be enhanced by rubbing hands and then applying mudras. The effect of mudras will be complete if we use both hands for doing them.

Everyone should understand the importance of mudras in the maintenance of health and apply the science after learning from Yoga instructors. Government should also take initiatives in this regard and promote this wonderful art of healing. If done meticulously the manifold benefits of mudras can reach the public and more and more people will be benefitted.

As the name suggests it enhances the pranic energy in our body and makes us active. Enhances resistance power.This mudra is useful in relieving vitamin deficiency. Improves physical and mental power and reduces exhaustion and lethargy. This mudra is highly beneficial for all the problems relating to eye including pain and vision disturbance).Useful for pain in the heels and soles. Speeds up recuperation process from diseases. If there is exhaustion from fasting, Prana mudra should be applied. Improves blood circulation. This mudra is found to be beneficial in leprosy.

Prana Mudra Akasha Mudra

Activates Anahata Chakra. Strengthens heart and energizes heart. Irregularities in heart beat are rectified and balanced. Mental stress, anxiety, worries and negative thoughts are reduced. Induces a sense of love. As it induces calmness, this mudra is helpful in reducing high blood pressure. This mudra is especially helpful in problems related to ear. Deafness, discharges from the ear, tinnitus etc. are relieved by this mudra. This mudra activates Sahasrara and Vishuddha Chakras. When we practice this mudra there is an increase of space element in our body leading to reduction of fear, anger and sadness. It also helps develop positive thinking.


This Mudra, apart from giving energy to brain, induces positive effects on one’s emotions. Removes all kinds of diseases related to brain. Nervous system gets energized.  Endocrine glands are activated. Muscles are self-activated for proper functioning. Vocal chords are energized. If people with lack of memory, lack of enthusiasm, practice this mudra they can easily overcome their problems. Half sleep, excess sleep, dullness of mind, nerve disturbance and eye related problems are solved. Mind related problems like insanity, mental stress, instability, mental retardation, fear, anger, anxiety, insomnia, headache etc. are relieved from the practice of this mudra. Lethargy, inconsistent movements of body, irregular heartbeats are rectified.. Improves blood circulation removing hypertension. Spinal cord related problems, general nerve weakness, weakness of nerves of the eye are relieved. Addictions to alcohol, smoking, drug addiction, tendency to lie are all reduced greatly by the practice of this mudra. To progress mentally, physically, spiritually this mudra is supportive. To improve mental concentration, memory power, especially in students, this mudra is highly beneficial.

Pruthvi Mudra

Pruthvi element has a cooling effect, reducing fever. Helps people with weakness and emaciation of body. Organs related to cognizance are benefitted by this mudra. Weakness, gall defects are removed. Hair falling, premature greying are prevented. Higher potential, bodily strength, tolerance, endurance are induced by the practice of this mudra. To strengthen bones, to heal the broken bones faster, Osteoporosis, Rickets and in reduced bone density this mudra is helpful. To maintain body weight in proportion to its height, this mudra is beneficial. Maintains the glow of the skin. Ulcer on any part of the body (mouth, stomach, intestine etc), burning in any part of the body like burning skin, burning heels, burning in legs and hands, eyes, stomach and rectal burning etc. are relieved very fast by the application of this mudra.. Hyperthyroidism, hernia, jaundice, paralysis are relieved. Hypertension is ameliorated by the use of this mudra. To improve hemoglobin levels, deficiency of  vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K and to strengthen muscles this mudra is highly recommended. Pain and swelling in any part of the body are ameliorated. Dry skin, cracks, brittle skin and nails are relieved by the use of this mudra.

Gayatri Mudras:

With the knowledge of yoga

Mudras in hand

Controlling the breath

Exercising the body

Mind settled in peace

Being all positive

Toxins thrown out

Let us live

That LIFE bestowed on us

To the fullest…


Vidya Vachaspathi  Shri Bannanje Govindacharya’s  Wishes Shri Hiremagaluru Kannan  Greets Dr Lathashekhar

The Gayatri Mudras are said to be very effective in preventing, curing cancer and in relieving the side effects of cancer treatment. The Gayatri mudras are considered to be very powerful. According to Jagadguru Sri Chandrashekhar Bharathi Swamigal each Gayatri mudra has special effect attributable to individual mudras.

General Benefits of Gayatri mudras:

  1. Removes mental dilemma.
  2. Promotes intelligence and induces peace of mind.
  3. 72000 nadis get cleansed. Blood is purified.
  4. Improves memory power by increasing concentration.
  5. Negative qualities like Jealousy are removed.
  6. Enhances coherence between body and mind.

Accordingly if the tip of fingers representing a specific element is brought in contact with the tip of thumb finger, the balancing of the respective element takes place. If the tip of other fingers is brought in contact with the base of the thumb finger the respective element becomes less active and if the thumb finger is brought in contact with the base of other fingers the respective elements becomes more active. The five elements are directly linked to our five sensory organs. They are related as Space element to our hearing and ears, air element to touch and skin, fire element to beauty and eyes, water element to taste and tongue, earth element to smell and nose.

In the science of mudra we have different categories namely, hasta, mana, kaya and bandha. In Mano mudras, facial parts like eyes, ears, tongue and lips are used. Examples of mudras of this category are shambhavi mudra, nasikagra mudra, kechri mudra, shanmukhi mudra etc. Kaya mudra involves doing asanas using the postures. Vipareetha karini, yoga mudra, manduki mudra etc. are kaya mudras. Jalandhara, udyana, mula and maha bandhas are Bandha mudras. Adhara mudra carries prana from muladhara chakra to sahasrara chakra. Ashwini mudra, vajroli mudra etc. belong to this category. These mudras activate kundalini energy.

The energy centers in your palm work like switches to your inner organs which, on stimulation can trigger the functionality of the respective organs.

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Mudra Sanjeevini contains a separate section on Gayatri Mudras & their benefits

Some of the Gayatri Mudras are seen in the following video