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Dr Lathashekhar is a staunch proponent of Yoga who believes, practices & preaches Yoga for healthier living without medicine. She has treated number of very difficult cases through Yoga with great success. She has won several International, National & State Level Yoga Competitions. She has been awarded with Yoganidhi, Yogarathna, Yogakalasiri, Yogapraveene, Mudrapraveene and many more. She has been awarded Aryabhata International Award for contribution to Yoga.

Yoganidhi Dr Lathashekhar
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Home profile classes Yogatherapy Mudra
Nithya Sanjeevini Yoga, Your daily dose of Life…!
Classes at Amritha Yoga kendra are conducted on weekdays as well as Sundays

Students at Nithya Sanjeevini Yoga Pratishtana and Amritha Yoga Kendra who have attended classes for a period of at least 3 months on a regular basis have experienced great benefits and they have been a very satisfied Yoga enthusiasts and every one has felt a sense of fulfillment after Yoga, Naturopathy, Mudra, Meditation and Kriya regimens.


We always believed in teaching Yoga for over all improvements and laying emphasis on physical, mental and spiritual well being of the individual. We always stressed that

Yoga should be a passion and not a restrictive compulsion and Yoga should be practiced naturally and with utmost dedication and sincerity as well as natural inclination to perform Yoga.

We conduct classes on a daily basis and power yoga classes are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays.

We conduct Yoga competitions & Yoga shows to promote the awareness as well as dedicated involvement in Yoga practices and to enhance public awareness on alternative system of healing.

We also hold seminars to enhance spiritual awareness among public.

We offer

Nithya Sanjeevini Yoga Pratishtana, RR Nagar and Amritha Yoga Kendra, Girinagar are venues now coming to be known as health Destinies. The number of satisfied Yoga enthusiasts who took Yoga classes from us are on the increase and we happily acknowledge the support rendered by local people and the sincere practice of Yoga enthusiasts who took training from us.

At Nithya Sanjeevini Yoga Pratishtana and Amritha Yoga Kendra (R), Yoga is taught according to the needs of the attending enthusiasts and emphasis has been laid on Therapy rather than simple flexibility enhancements. The Yoga as taught by us has always been appreciated and well accepted by the yoga enthusiasts at

Nithya Sanjeevini Yoga Pratishtana, Amritha Yoga Kendra & other venues.

Yoga shall be your way of life

-Dr. Lathashekhar

Yoga for Children

The classes are conducted by Dr Lathashekhar every day since morning to evening in batches. The classes are conducted for all age groups and therapeutic Yoga is also taught to Yoga enthusiasts depending on their health condition and requirement. Individual attention is given to each and every yoga participant making the Yoga class a very special experience to all.

The Yogic methods are taught catering to the individual requirement of the Yoga practitioner. The Yoga practitioners experienced a unique sense of well-being after the Yoga classes. Lathashekhar had also conducted Yoga classes in various institutions like Datar Institute of Fine Arts, Kudremukh Kendriya Vidyala, Govt. Science College, PESIT College of Engineering etc.

Yoga has been acclaimed by even western countries and we are seeing quite a bit of awareness among the common man these days. The health requirements have increased enormously because of the stressful living conditions and hectic activities involved in day to day life.

Care for Women’s Health Nithya Sanjeevini Yoga Pratishtana Get your daily dose of life… Sense of fulfillment Yoga Therapy

Dr Lathashekhar has become extremely successful and hence very popular as a yoga therapist. She treats people through Yoga, Naturopathy, acupressure and diet therapy addressing all kinds diseases and illnesses. Her counseling sessions have given relief to thousands and thousands of people and to her credit she has the blessings of those happy smiles brought on by her yoga therapy sessions. Treating children to youth, women to men of all age groups. Dr Lathashekhar had set a new path to healing which is easy, effective, non expensive and extremely fulfilling for the practitioner. Her treatment spans from simple fatigue to depression and from simple lethargy to chronic illnesses.

Yoga for Women

Dr Lathashekhar lays stress on improving the health of a woman as she knows the importance keeping up the health of women and she also understands the plight of women who have lot of work to do and are hardly given rest. She offers special methods enhance beauty of a woman! Woman yoga (Praneetha Yoga) has already became very popular among women.

Teacher Training

Dr Lathashekhar wants to give away her theoretical and experiential knowledge to those who have enough dedication and enthusiasm to pursue the art of healing through Yoga. The students of Dr Lathashekhar have already begun their journey as yoga Instructors and are enjoying whole lot of benefits that the yoga has to offer and especially many housewives have gained special status of Yoga Instructors  and are enjoying the privilege of being a Yoga Instructor. Dr Lathashekhar dedicates her time for creating more and more Yoga Teachers as she feels the need for propagating the magnificent art of healing to more and more enthusiasts. It is her sincere belief that serving through healing is the true service to humanity.